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The Director


Veselý Marek, originally from Slovakia, completed an apprenticeship in advertising and market communication in Vienna. Later, he started working in advertising and film production and after graduating in 2018, he founded his own multimedia agency and film production company "Vesely Films" in Austria. In the same year, Veselý Marek produced his first feature-length film "Harmonie".

"Keinen Schritt zurück!" is his debut as a feature film director.

He works full-time as a commercial and film director.


StagePool - Florian Juterschnig - - 2021.jpg
The Producer


Florian Juterschnig, originally a soldier and writer came to filmmaking when he was allowed to take over the management of the cultural network Optix Society. He works as a freelance producer of feature films and also runs his own distribution programme for indie feature films and animated series.

"Keinen Schritt zurück!" is his second supervised film and the first one he organised entirely on his own. It is loosely based on his novel "Keinen Schritt zurück!", which was used as school literature in Austria in former times.

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