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Dear Maggy, dear Richard!

I have a feeling that our long war against Vimerby may soon be over.

As a nurse, I see every day..,
as our soldiers return wounded
from the front. I hope you are all well...

As you have probably heard,
I was on the front line in an enemy attack.

Please do not worry, I am fine.

See you soon.

Yours, Elisa



The Bergen Empire, 1962.

For years there has been a war with the country of Vimerby.
Peace does not seem to be in sight,
as the Great Leader of the Empire fiercely continues the struggle.

When Elisa Stuart, a 19-year-old hospital nurse, is ambushed at the front and saves her comrades in a firefight, everything changes for her.

All of a sudden, the girl, who is actually uninvolved, is considered a war heroine and from then on has to serve for propaganda purposes in the Reich Bergen.

Based on the novel of the same name, the film was realised by director Vesley Marek, producer Florian Juterschnig and a young dedicated crew.

Isabel Brachowicz (Elisa Stuart), Katharina Felzmann (Maggy Stuart), Nikolaus Lessky (Richard Stuart) and Martin Ploderer (Graf Roald) brought the story to life.


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